Small Pools for Great Results

Real sportsmen know this: pool training is essential for strengthening all the muscles without overloading them.

If you are among the many who can not give up on sport, the ideal is to always have a pool available to work out.

Unlike what you might imagine, you will not need regular Olympic swimming pools, just a small space to train every day and achieve great results.

The essentials for a sports pool.

FORM . Choose a rectangular shape. It will be more functional and you can easily decide where to place all the elements necessary for your training. If desired, you can create an area of ​​the pool that can also act as a solarium, hydromassage area or relaxation area . An ideal place to relax muscles after training, but also suitable for spending quality time with family and friends.

DIMENSIONS . How much space do you have and how much do you want to reserve for your new pool? If the surface at your disposal is a lot, you are free to dream and desire anything; however, in most cases, gardens, private rooms and terraces are not as spacious. In this case, the modular technology of Piscine Castiglione comes to your aid, building tanks of any size and creating precious environments for your well-being and training even in a few square meters.

INTERNAL STRUCTURE . If you want a trampoline, remember that your pool requires a minimum height of 2 meters . In addition, we also recommend creating an appendix to the pool to be used as a relaxation area. If this is not possible, you can design a perimeter support step, on which you can rest and relax your muscles.

The accessories

Of course, swimming in a sport pool can not fail to swim against the current. This device re-energizes water in the pool with greater pressure. The power of the water flow is adjustable in intensity and recreates a real current that will allow you to travel miles swimming, staying still.

Even if you could use the counter-current swimming device as a powerful whirlpool, our advice is always to install a real whirlpool . This way you can use it at the end of each workout to relax your muscles and relax. Even relatives and friends will be happy with your choice and you can use the pool not only as a means to work out, but also as a place to relax and be with friends.

LIGHTING . Thanks to the numerous proposals to illuminate the pool, you can also work out in the evening and make your small body of water an integral part of the garden furniture.

COVERAGE . To use the pool all year round you have two possibilities: build it inside the house , in a covered and heated area, or use a tailor-made telescopic cover , which will work as a greenhouse and keep the environment at a comfortable temperature.