Personalize Your Swimming Pool Cover: Colors And Ideas

You have decided the style, where you want to build it, the water filtration and recirculation system: you only need the last details and then you will have finished designing your pool!

This is a delicate moment because the appearance of the tub will depend on the choice of the covering . The PVC sheet, in addition to performing a waterproof function, enhances the beauty of your body of water. That’s why it’s important to choose it carefully!

Personalize Your Pool: Start With The Color Of The Interior Lining

Each color creates a different effect. To enhance the transparent blue of the water you have to choose a light shade. And if you want your pool to look deeper than it is? Opt for dark colors!

Even the sun’s rays influence the final result: it is known that under the sunlight the color shades are different from those you see with the naked eye. How to avoid side effects? Simple: imagine the pool of your dreams on a beautiful summer day!

So, what color to choose? Here are the proposals of Piscine Castiglione.

Blue swimming pool

Try asking your children, grandchildren or any other child to design a pool … It will certainly be blue! It is the traditional color and the ideal one for your relaxation: according to the chromotherapy the blue conveys peace and tranquility.

White Pool

If you prefer a more refined style or if you do not know what to choose , the white cloth is what you are looking for: it adapts to any environment and to any shape. In addition, it enhances the flooring, the other finishes and creates a bright atmosphere.

Gray Pool

Does gray make you sad? Not if it is at the bottom of your pool: just a dip and return the joy. This color gives a feeling of balance to the mind and a touch of design to your wellness corner. In addition, a gray coating is a great ally for energy savings: it attracts the sun’s rays. As a result, the water temperature will increase and there will be no need to heat it!

Black Pool

Style, elegance and more! The black cloth is a friendly choice for the environment: this color also helps you save on energy consumption because, like gray, it absorbs the sun’s rays and therefore heats the water in the most natural way there is.

Do you know that the black background gives a strong optical illusion? Your pool will seem much deeper!

Sand colored pool

Do you want to experience the Caribbean atmosphere at home? Here’s what you should not miss: palm trees, clear water and especially the sand-colored coating for your pool. This cloth creates a perfect harmony with the house and gives your garden a tropical effect. Maybe you do not know but even a simple swimming pool Family makes your little world a Caribbean island … Try it!

For You Who Wishes A Unique Swimming Pool In Its Kind

All pools have a colored PVC sheet, but not all have 3D effects or drawings and lettering on the bottom. If you want an extraordinary relaxing corner, customize the backdrop in a totally unique way!

Pool With Custom Lining

Maybe you do not know it but you can print on the bottom a writing, a drawing or real works of art . Corals, an important phrase and why not? Your name or that of the person most dear to you. Dive into your imagination and think about how to make your body of water unique!

Pool With Touch Cloth

Add a fourth dimension to your well-being: the emotional one! Thanks to 3D reliefs you will feel like swimming in a sea cave, walking on the water’s edge of a tropical beach or over the smooth stones of a mountain stream. The touch cloth gives your pool a rock, sand, stone or marble effect: which one do you prefer?

The rundown of ideas is over and now it’s up to you: choose the one that will make your body of water unique!

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