It’s March: Are you already thinking about reopening your pool?

The days are getting longer and the mild climate indicates the perfect time to reopen the pool.

You do not need to do it right away, but keep yourself available for a day in the coming weeks, in the meantime, read what to do to reopen the pool in the right way.

What is the right time to reopen the pool?

This is the right moment, the period before spring . In this way you will be sure to reactivate and clean the tank, before the hot ones, thus preventing the water under the cover from heating up, causing the birth of algae and other harmful and above all unsightly organisms for your pool.

How to remove the cover sheet?

It seems really trivial but it is not. In fact, before removing the towel, you must check that the water level in the pool is not too low. In this case, we advise you to insert new water in the pool, this will allow you to remove the cloth more easily avoiding unnecessary efforts.

Always before removing the towel it is necessary to provide for its cleaning . Just remove the stagnant water from the surface making it flow towards the center and aspirating it with a normal immersion pump.

Then proceed by removing any debris, earth or leaves that have settled on the cloth during the winter.

At this point you can remove the towel , if helped by another person, it will be much easier and faster! Finally, you will only have to wash the towel and let it dry before storing it in a dry place waiting for the next autumn.

What to do now?

As long as you have not had any inconvenience during the winter, you should find clean water ready for treatment under the towel. Sometimes, due to particular climatic conditions, it could happen that under the cloth the algae have formed. In the first case you will not have to do is top up the missing water and proceed with the chlorination; in the second case, we suggest calling an expert and asking him whether it is better to proceed with a complete emptying and subsequent cleaning of the pool or if the products at his disposal can save and make the water available for bathing.

Clean the filtration system and reactivate the system.

Before reactivating the filtration system, we always recommend cleaning the filtration system . Simply remove the filter and perform some rinsing, at this point you can reactivate the system and keep it running for at least 24 hours.

Clean the pool

Despite the precautions taken, your tub will not be perfect when you reopen. This is the time to remove any debris from the bottom such as leaves, earth or small stones and the ugly dark line formed during the winter to mark the water level.

And finally … proceed with the super-chlorination

Superclorination is always carried out at the beginning of the season; it consists in introducing in the water a quantity of chlorine higher than necessary, to eliminate all the possibly harmful organic and inorganic substances.

Here are the operations necessary for the reopening of the pool in short:

  • Clean the winter cover
  • Clean the cover and store it
  • Restore the necessary water
  • Clean the filters and reactivate the system
  • Perform super-chlorination