How to decorate the poolside: seats, fabrics, inspirations

The enhancement of the exterior

The enhancement of the exterior often ends up at the bottom of the ” to do ” list. Working in the open air to fix the garden, the railings and the poolside, in fact, is an activity that takes place mainly in spring , when it is not too hot and the desire to renew is so great.

If you have already marked all the external works in your list of jobs , we are well on the way, however, we warn you that there is less than two months left to summer, the deadline for having a perfect, guest-proof garden.

First of all

Before arriving at the pool area, we advise you to fix the outdoor area and the garden . Just cut the lawn, arrange the flower beds and plant some flowers to make everything pleasant and balanced. Essential is the order: do not leave objects around, even garden tools must have their own arrangement. If you do not have much space, you can hang them on a wall and give a touch of country to the outdoor area.

Once the garden has been arranged and everything is ordered, we move on to the accommodation and to the poolside furnishings.

Here are some tips:

  1. We remove all objects or furnishings already on the poolside and clean all surfaces well . We remind you that a suitable product and the hydro cleaner will do wonders without too much effort.
  2. If you have furniture that you want to reuse, it’s time to clean them and give them a new life . Both iron and plastic furnishings can be renewed with thorough cleaning or by repainting them. If you do not know which way to start, contact your colorificio di fiducia, he will know how to advise you.
  3. To amplify the “new” effect, it is essential to freshen up or change the fabrics and cushions used outdoors. In recent years, waterproof and resistant fabrics have emerged that range from the most classic and elegant style to the bright and moderate colors. You will be spoiled for choice.
  4. If you have not yet purchased outdoor furniture, it’s time to do it. Before proceeding, compare yourself with your tastes. What do you like? Have you used a particular style at home or in the garden? Do you love shabby style, country, industrial? For every taste, there are outdoor furniture suitable also for the poolside. You just have to buy them or if you enjoy them, make them.

Summer 2017 focuses on welcoming shapes and large dimensions , for a fashion design and … comfortable !
Remember that the poolside is not just a place that separates the garden from the water, but can become anything: a refuge, a place of rest, reading, leisure, the place to confide, to propose, to dream.

A well-appointed and well-kept pool edge will amplify every good feeling and increase the benefits of the water.
Decorating your pool edge as well as a question of style is a matter of well-being.

You, how would you like to decorate your poolside?