How to Build a Swimming Pool: The 5 Trends of 2018

Are you planning a swimming pool and looking for some inspiration? Overflow or skimmer, with blue or sand-colored cloth, white or colored led … When you have to choose how to customize your pool you are spoiled for choice!

trend 2018 piscine castiglione

But there are some fundamental factors to consider: the place where your corner of well-being and relaxation will be born, the ideal style for you and which accessories you will need to embellish your pool.

Here’s where to start!

Where do you want to build your pool?

The structural context is decisive for the choice of type, shape and size. Do you prefer a pool inside the house, on the terrace or do you want to enhance your garden?

In the design phase you will have to try to create the right harmony between the pool and the environment in which it will be inserted .

Trend 2018: what is your style??

This is another aspect that should not be underestimated. Which style fits better with your home and your garden? Below are some examples of installations by Piscine Castiglione that will set trends in 2018: let yourself be inspired!

1 – Family

family piscine castiglione

A “family” pool is ideal for those who want to share moments of fun and sport with their family . In this installation, for example, traditional shapes adapt to the structure of the house. An internal stairway has been planned to facilitate entry. The depth also increases gradually. The turquoise color is the result of the internal lining of the tub: white to give brightness to the mirror of water.

Is this the kind of pool you dream for your home? Here you can find many other ideas to build your own Family Pool !

2 – Relaxation

relax piscine castiglione

A breathtaking view in a setting of unspoiled nature!

The Skimmer pool, which you can see in the picture, is on two levels and is ideal for those who want to alternate moments of tranquility with short swimming.

Discover all the Relax pools and let yourself be inspired by this style!

3 – Sport

Is it possible to create a balance between modernity and tradition? For this installation, contemporary architecture has settled in the midst of typical Pugliese vegetation and the result is truly fascinating. A Sport Pool can respect and enhance this harmony! A gray stone profile and a 21 m long and 1.50 m deep pool is the perfect solution for those who love sports.

Discover the ideal Sport Pool for your workouts!

4 – Design

design piscine castiglione

Restructuring is always a challenge: creativity, ingenuity and aesthetics! For example, how to value a disused and homeless stable? In this installation you can see a pool with an overflow Trilogy and an external coating in travertine and Ipe wood. The choice of form, technology and materials was made with a view to enhancing the natural context, with careful attention to detail.

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5 – Luxury

A free-form pool with a heating system, fountains and a small whirlpool area! This jewel immersed in Tuscan nature has been embellished with several details: mosaics in Pietra di Trani, the colors of the marble and the arched stairways that recall the steps of a Greek amphitheater.

Go to the website and let yourself be inspired by the Luxury Pools !

What is your ideal pool? Now that you have discovered the trend styles of 2018 you just have to design the pool of your dreams!