Do you want to build your inground pool? It starts now

The in-ground pool can complete a garden in a natural and comfortable way.

costruire piscina interrata

Impeccable in every aspect from an aesthetic point of view, they are also more convenient to use, clean , maintain from a practical point of view.

There are several constructive techniques for this reason, before starting, it is good to know about construction technologies. To do this we have an entire section of our dedicated website where you can carefully study each technique, understand the details and evaluate the one that best suits you and your family.

After carefully studying all the construction techniques and taking notes on the salient features of the same, gather the family or who will decide for the construction of the pool and discuss together the following points:

How much do you want to spend to build your new pool? Or rather, what budget do you have?

Start talking immediately about the available budget . A swimming pool costs about as much as a car and as for cars there are different price ranges that depend on models, size, needs of use. If it seems to you that your dream is not within your reach, do not stop now, continue to plan and study all the possibilities to get prepared at the time of construction.

Evaluate the price / quality ratio.

This is not just a list of the greatest benefits at the lowest price. It is about evaluating everything that revolves around the pool . Will one or the other technology save you time in cleaning? If you need assistance, do you have someone to turn to? How long will your investment last over time? How much will you depreciate and how? Does your investment increase the value of your property?

These are all things to consider, often the least expensive choice is not the most convenient choice.

Consider the space available, not all terrains are the same.

You will notice that your family reunion is going on for several hours but one question leads to another and planning together can be fun and then we will help you with new incentives. You talked about what you would like, how much you would like to spend but you also have to evaluate an important thing: where will you build the pool ?

Do you have as much or as little space available? Are there any plants in the garden that create areas of shade? Is the space south and so sunny? In addition, if you live in an area with a seismic risk, or if you have a possession difficult to reach by heavy vehicles, or the quality of the ground is influenced by high water layers, be careful! Not all technologies are suitable for the various types of terrain.

Customizable swimming pool? Yes thanks.

Another topic that must be on the agenda of your family reunion are “personalizations” . Do not design a pool thinking that you could do without some special accessory. Some may be installable later but if you absolutely want them, put them in your wishlist and get a gift!

To recap:

set a budget for your pool, choose a pool considering the quality / price ratio, the spaces and the land where it will be installed and the possibility of personalization. But always remember to rely on a professional with proven experience in the industry and at the next family meeting also invite an expert, contact our local dealer: