Do you know how to make your swimming pool safe for children and animals?

It is the number one concern of families with children, grandparents, but also of hoteliers and large and small reception facilities: the safety of the pool!

sicurezza in piscina

The cases of drowning in the pool, are accidents that mostly affect children between 1 and 5 years of age and occur mainly in private pools, which often are not subject to public facilities.

Even animals can risk falling into the water and do not know how to ascend or ingest chemicals and drown.

Doubt then rises spontaneously

Can a pool be safe for children and animals throughout the year and especially in those periods when it is not used?

The answer is obviously YES , but to sleep peacefully, here are some tricks to follow.

  • Buy a mobile cover. The pool cover is the most practical and quick way to secure your pool and also have many other benefits . There are different types of cover, but for your convenience and to guarantee a “child-proof” pool at any time of the day or year, we recommend that you install automated security covers . In this way, at the end of the day, or when there are no adults near the pool, simply press a button , activating the cover, which will prevent children and animals from accidentally falling into the water.


rectangular infinity pool, recessed staircase and with shutter cover shutters for swimming pools, detail of the exit compartment swimming pool with white towel, rectangular, shutter cover

  • Build a fence. You can use nets , a wooden fence , or real iron fences , the stylistic possibilities are many, but security is guaranteed! You decide an access point, in which to install a gate , which must obviously be equipped with a lock or a lock. Remember not to leave objects resting on the fence that could facilitate the overtaking, especially by an animal and to perform an annual maintenance. A fence will suffice to avoid any accidents!
  • Choose an anti-slip surface around the pool. Even in this case, there are all kinds and types, but remember that around the pool should never run.
  • Attend a first aid course. It will not only be useful for pool safety, but also at any other time in your life . Knowing what to do in an emergency situation could really make a difference. Think about it!
  • Set up rules. It is the most important point, explain to your children and grandchildren who do not have to run around the pool, who can not get close to the pool without an adult, etc. Prevention is often the best way to avoid accidents.

Finally, during the season of use do not forget:

  • Life jackets, armrests and jackets. Any child who can not swim should always wear the necessary accessories to get into the water and stay afloat in complete safety.