Choosing the most suitable lighting for your pool

Choosing the right lighting for your pool is not something to be underestimated.

Some technical-scientific disciplines, such as lighting technology, are concerned with designing ambient lighting.

By studying aspects such as the perception of the human eye, the architecture, the design of the environments and not least the regulation and the energy saving , lighting is designed to meet the needs of the client and the environment, showing its merits. Designing perfect lighting , therefore, is not trivial! Dedicate the time needed to choose the lights for your pool or ask our experts, you will realize over time how much value the lighting can bring to your pool and your garden.

Thanks to the lights you can create very refined and charming environments, but also ideal places to accommodate guests or poolside parties. In fact, the lights will not only illuminate the pool, but will also be able to give more character to the external environment, enhance the most cared for and hide those that you do not want to be under everyone’s eyes. Finally, the lights in the pool, in addition to the aesthetic factor , are important for safety . A properly lit swimming pool is essential for the safety of everyone attending your home. Today we present the types of lights that we like to recommend both for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Blade Ligh

If you are looking for an alternative solution to the usual circular lights that leave some areas of the pool dark, we have the solution! Blade light is the result of our research: a lighthouse with an elongated shape that is well suited to the geometric and linear shapes of modern swimming pools. The real innovation that brings Blade Light in the underwater lighting world is about the diffusion of light . The lighthouse creates a kind of blade that illuminates perfectly all the areas of the pool. The lighthouse is also equipped with an RGB lighting system that allows you to change many colors, creating ever-new effects.

White and colored LED lights

The underwater lights represent the most used lighting. For a matter of energy saving and overheating, Piscine Castiglione proposes and markets only white and colored led lights . This type of lighting is very versatile, also suitable for pools with free forms.

Overflow backlighting

One of the latest fashions in lighting the swimming pool is to insert a profile of bright LEDs inside the overflow channel of the pool . In this way you will have always drawn the edge of the pool. This type of lighting, besides being very suggestive, is also useful to delimit the edge of the pool, preventing any type of accident.

The choice is wide, for this reason we recommend that you think about lighting your pool.